It is understood by many that the competence of the students is not great, because it is still being developed and improved, so the student’s ability to perform not only work but also to perform it qualitatively is confirmed with the knowledge acquired in the studies. During the course of studies, each student has to do a lot of writing work, starting with writing papers and writing a bachelor’s thesis, for which not all students have or find time.

In the beginning, you would like to discuss about studies that are consistent and certain conditions for individuals to acquire the results of theoretical, practical and diverse research, which opens the way for everyone to pursue higher education. The curricula of the various educational institutions are different, as each of them has individual programs designed to develop the professional skills necessary to convey the basic principles of the profession and to carry out independent work. Students who have completed their basic university studies are, of course, in possession of a Bachelor’s degree and a professional qualification.

Thus, a bachelor’s degree is awarded to individuals who have passed the first cycle study program. Those who are already studying are informed that students’ knowledge is assessed by holding final examinations or by defending undergraduate work. After writing a bachelor’s thesis, the bachelor must prove to the work commission its ability to formulate the research problems, goals and tasks and be able to analyze the sources of the scientific literature on the chosen topic, carry out the obligatory studies in the bachelor’s work writing rules, perform the analysis of the obtained data and formulate the conclusions of the research substantiating its position and describe its research. work according to the requirements for writing a job approved by each educational institution.

The writing of a bachelor’s thesis is not a writing or a census, its content must reflect the knowledge and skills acquired by the student during the first cycle of studies. Each student faces the first difficulties of bachelor’s writing, when one has to choose an acceptable topic, later, of course, other problems, such as the formulation of research problems and the teaching of the theoretical or methodical part, are encountered. For many students, there are various difficulties in writing a Bachelor’s thesis, and there are methodological instructions for them and for teachers, which should facilitate both student and supervisor functions.

The process of writing a bachelor’s thesis is not complicated if the student tries to take and maintain all the methodological instructions, collaborates intensively with the supervisor appointed for the supervision of his work and follows all his recommendations and comments. Bachelor’s thesis is evaluated by the commission, which objectively determines the student’s readiness for independent work, so at the end is awarded Bachelor’s qualification according to the chosen specialty.

Bachelor theses can be of two types: practical or theoretical. It is important to know that writing a bachelor’s thesis must be based on the analytics of the data obtained during the study and cannot be merely descriptive or descriptive. In writing the final thesis, the bachelor must prove that he / she is able to analyze the chosen topic, is able to evaluate and compare the data provided by other works with his / her own. If a bachelor’s thesis is written in a theoretical direction, the student must present the opinion of various scientists and their sources of information on the problem being investigated, how they evaluate the various theories, their application possibilities in our country, how this is systematized and the applied research methodology.

The final work material can be presented in several ways, the theoretical part, which will be based on sociological or statistical data and the research methodology will be provided as an annex; the other is most often chosen – theoretical part, research methodology and, of course, practical part.

Study. Before you start writing a Bachelor’s thesis, you have to choose a topic, so each study must start with the topic and detail that is most important and probably the most responsible part of the research. It is also worth noting the purpose that is necessary before any research that requires not only requirements, but also the level of retention. The best results of a bachelor’s thesis will only be achieved if it is a topical topic of the writing student and the results are very interesting and important. Thinking that these results will be achieved in just a few days is wrong. Thorough research lasts from 4 to 6-7 months, and if the author chooses a topic that is uninteresting, it is difficult to expect good results. Therefore, from the beginning of studies it is necessary to identify the provided information, because theoretical knowledge will help students to formulate the purpose and tasks of the research, which leads to the highest evaluation of the work. Otherwise, students will be able to shave only in time, in poor research and in a worse case study.

Conclusions. Students must be aware that no bachelor’s thesis will be completed unless the conclusions drawn from the discussions of the researchers mentioned in the thesis and the generalization of the results of the students themselves are formulated correctly. Therefore, the conclusions of the bachelor’s thesis must be specific, clear and formulated in accordance with the topic of work and high level of teaching. It is understood that students who did not spend enough time at the beginning of their studies to acquire new information and expand their knowledge will not be able to make such conclusions without additional guidance, advice or additional help.

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